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The Me app offers a holistic set of tools for improving overall motivation and wellbeing in one place. These include daily motivation exercises like Quotes & Affirmations, Articles, Goal Tracking, Playlists, Guided Meditations, Team Communication, plus more!

workplace motivation
morkplace motivation

Daily Positive Quotes

Begin your work day on a positive note by starting it with a morning motivational quote. One way to make sure you never miss a quote is to set up 'Quote Reminders' on your phone. This way, you will receive notifications throughout the day with different quotes to keep you motivated and inspired.


Additionally, you can save your favorite quotes and use them as your wallpaper to keep the positive energy going throughout the day. Stay motivated and on track with your goals and read a quote that resonates with you or your current situation before starting any important tasks or meetings. This will help you stay focused, energized and positive.

  • General Quotes

  • Daily Premium Quote

  • User Submitted Quotes

  • Quote Reminders

  • Quote Widgets

  • Playback Quotes

  • Save Favorite Quotes

  • Set Wallpapers

  • Share Quotes

employee wellbeing
employee mental health

Read Helpful Articles Related to Quotes

Access hundreds of related articles accompanying each Quote. These articles provide valuable insights, tips, and advice on how to incorporate the quotes into your daily life, both personally and professionally. By reading these articles, you can gain a deeper understanding of how the quotes can help unlock your potential and improve your overall well-being. It's a valuable extra step towards personal and professional growth.

  • Hundreds of Inspiring Premium Quote Articles

  • Save & Filter Articles

Stay Focused and Reach Your Goals

Track and set goals! Designed to help you put things into perspective. Set a timeline, reward and monitor your progress.

Nurture your employees to create healthy habits and overcome daily challenges with an optimistic attitude. The benefits of goal setting can be enormously beneficial to both organisations and individuals as a drive for success can transform all aspects of life, leading to happier and more fulfilled workforce.

  • Set up & track multiple personal goals

  • View progress of each goal

  • Get progress goal notifications

  • Learn how to set S.M.A.R.T goals

work motivation
employee goal setting
workplace custom playlists
motivation playlists
motivation playlists
motivation playlists
motivation playlists
motivation playlists
motivation playlists
motivation playlists
motivation playlists
motivation playlists
motivation playlists
motivation playlists
motivation playlists

Business Playlists

Boost your mood and develop your focus simultaneously with carefully compiled playlists by Me Sound. Our motivation playlists provide upbeat, high tempo anthems to trigger ambition and drive.

Bring fresh content directly to your team with your own business playlist! Create your playlist using Apple Music or Spotify and add them to the app. Motivate your workforce with the sounds that reflect your team and business.

Me App Playlists:

  • Inspiration

  • Motivation

  • Empowerment

  • Daily Workout Motivation 1

  • Daily Workout Motivation 2

  • Daily Workout Motivation 3

  • Greatest Ever Inspiration

  • Greatest Ever Motivation

  • Evening Calm

  • Motivational Speeches

  • Laugh Out Loud

  • Plus More!

motivation playlists
motivation playlists

Explore the Benefits of Mindfulness and Wellness with our 'Body & Mind' Feature

Introducing the innovative 'Body & Mind' feature, providing users with access to a curated selection of meditations, valuable insights, and content centered on promoting overall wellness and well-being.

  • New & Exclusive Yoga & Fitness Instructor Video Series

  • Guided Meditations that focus on: Body, Mind, Habits, Sleep, Spiritual, Mindfulness, Relationships, Health, Self-Care, Family & Beginners.

  • Motivational Speeches

  • Healthy Recipes

  • Breathing & Sound Meditations

  • Daily Facts

  • Unique Content Created be the Me Team

  • Save your favourite content

  • Cast videos to TV

work meditation
workplace fitness and yoga
employee fitness
employee yoga

New & Exclusive Yoga & Fitness

Introducing the "New & Exclusive" video series for 'Body & Mind' - a unique and comprehensive approach to wellness. The series will bring together Yoga and Fitness instructors, who will guide you through a variety of exercises and practices that will help you improve your physical and mental well-being.


With the help of our expert instructors, you will learn how to balance your mind and body, increase flexibility and strength, and reduce stress. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this series is designed to suit all levels of fitness and experience. Take the first step towards a healthier and happier you.

  • Yoga with MJ (10 Part Video Series)

  • Fitness with Brett (10 Part Video Series)

workplace wellbeing

Get Ready for the Ultimate Pilates Experience

We have exciting news for all fitness enthusiasts! The Me App is proud to announce that Pilates will soon be added to our "New & Exclusive" feature. The Me App will offer a tailored video series of classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners, all taught by our professional Pilates instructor. Say goodbye to crowded gyms and hello to personalized, on-demand Pilates classes right from the comfort of your own home.


Get ready to strengthen your mind and body, improve your posture, and increase flexibility with our state-of-the-art virtual Pilates classes. Stay tuned, as this incredible new feature will be available soon. Don't miss out on the ultimate Pilates experience with The Me App.

*Coming Soon

employee mental health

Positive Communication for High Performance Teams 

The Body & Mind feature serves as the primary communication hub for your organization. Only designated administrators have the privilege to post messages and interact with employees and clients. Administrators have the ability to switch between employee and client feeds, depending on the context of the communication.

Make the most of the Body & Mind feature by customizing it to the specific needs of your organization. The employee feed may feature elements such as recognition and notable accomplishments, while the client feed may be utilized to share relevant information with all partners or members of your business.

Additionally, both employee and client feeds will have access to updates from The Me App, which include guided meditations, motivational videos, and daily inspirations.

Post to

Foster inclusiveness and acknowledge employee efforts with the Body & Mind feed. Motivate your team by rewarding and recognizing their hard work, which will lead to increased productivity, self-motivation, and a positive outlook.

employee eap
client eap

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Enhance your business's mental health plan with the Me app by promoting awareness and wellness. Establish a positive connection with clients through this health and wellbeing platform.

Instant Support: One-On-One or Group Messaging

Stress, anxiety, depression, and other issues can impact work and relationships of employees in organizations of any size. To address this, The Me Team is developing a Mentor Outreach feature in their app. This will allow employees to reach out to company mentors via instant messaging for support, either one-on-one or in group discussions.

*Feature Coming Soon

employee mental health support

Ensuring Data Security & Privacy with The Me App

The Me App is committed to providing a secure platform for businesses to communicate and manage information. We utilize state-of-the-art security measures to protect your data, including military-grade encryption and SSL. All business chats are fully encrypted, and the information exchanged cannot be accessed by any unauthorized parties.

Our infrastructure is hosted by Amazon Web Services, a leading cloud provider that has received certification from the US Department of Defense. This reinforces our commitment to providing a secure environment for businesses.

Moreover, we continuously monitor our services to ensure the security of your data and maintain the highest levels of privacy and protection. We guarantee that we will never sell or distribute your information and will not change this policy in the future. With The Me App, you can trust that your business content and communications are secure and protected.

app security

Elevate Your Team's Performance Today!

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