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Request Account Deletion

Your privacy and control over your data are paramount to us at Me: Quotes, Yoga & Wellness. If you wish to delete your account and associated data from Me: Quotes, Yoga & Wellness, you can easily request this through our streamlined process. Below, we outline the steps to follow and provide information on the types of data that will be deleted or retained.

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Steps to Request Account Deletion:

  1. Log into Your Me App: Start by logging into your Me app account and navigate to your app settings.

  2. Submit a Deletion Request: In the list of option in your settings menu select 'Delete Account' under the account.

  3. Confirmation: View prompt for account deletion in app. Request and confirm the deletion of your account by selecting 'DELETE'.

Data Deletion and Retention Policy:

Data to be Deleted: Upon your request, we will delete your personal profile details, user data, and any other information associated with your account and app features.

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