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Experience a Happier Team & Productive Workplace.

Me Business enables your team to take charge of their mental wellbeing, whether they are at the workplace, home, or anywhere else in between. Give your employees something to scroll towards. You can't always be there to give your team a pat on the back, but 'Me' for Business can.

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Features & Content Designed for Workplace Wellbeing

The Me Business App holistically brings together tools for improving mental health and wellbeing in one place. These include daily motivational quotes, affirmations, articles, goal tracking, playlists, guided meditations, recipes and more.

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Customise the App for Your Business

Simple, Powerful, Personalised.

Using the Me Business Admin Web Dashboard, you can easily customise the app with your logo brand colors. Create a tailored app to reflect your business and invite employees and clients to access your custom app.

Motivate Your Workplace

Creating your personalised app can be a fantastic way to achieve a high level of brand awareness whilst building a reputable and unique opportunity to promote wellness and positivity within your workplace.

A Platform for Positive Communication

Create an experience that will attract, engage and retain talent. A successful business starts with a powerful and motivated team. Spread positivity and inspiration every day. A motivated team will have a significant impact on both work productivity and quality.

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Meet Your New Yoga
Instructor MJ

New & Exclusive!

MJ Gordon is one of the most versatile health and lifestyle coaches in the industry. She has a proven track record of creating balance and high-performance results in a wide variety of different industries and endeavours.

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Yoga & Fitness Classes

Anytime, Anywhere

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Business Subscription


Per User Per Month

  • 12 Month Subscription Billed Annually

  • All Prices are in USD

  • Excluding Government Charges

  • The Account Owner is Responsible for Payment of all Users

Display Business Logo

Custom Colour App Interface

Invite Employees & Clients

Employee & Client Noticeboards

Custom Company Playlists

Business Admin Features

Full Access to all Features & Content

Elevate Your Team's Performance Today!

Start motivating your team! Contact us for a personalised business sign up.

employee mental health
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